Whether you have been invited to speak at ADDC, or you are just researching what that would be like, please do carefully read what you are entitled to and what we expect from you.

Please note that this list is exhaustive. In other words, benefits and commitments that aren't mentioned generally don't apply to our speakers.

Benefits of selected speakers

Heads up: ADDC will only be able to cover travel & accommodation expenses that we book directly. We will not be able to refund any costs for travel & accommodation that speakers book themselves.

  • One free conference ticket: Free non-transferable ticket to the conference that includes all the goodies that the attendees get. You are also entitled to attend our workshops free of charge if they are not sold out on the day of the event. 
  • Single occupancy accommodation: We will book you 3 nights in a single-bed single-occupancy room of a business-class hotel located next to the venue, breakfast included.
  • Airport transfer: We will hire a professional business driver to pick you up at the airport when you arrive and drop you off at your hotel. We don't generally arrange return transfers, but we may approve that on your request.
  • Dinner: Spanish-style dinner with tapas and drinks on our expense! You'll receive an invitation to join the organisers and other speakers and sponsors at the dinner on 23th of June. 
  • Travel costs: We will cover your travel costs of up to 300 EUR within Europe, up to 800 EUR from overseas.
  • Discount for collegues & friends: On request, we offer a significant discount on conference tickets for up to three of your colleagues and friends.
  • Alumni speaker ticket: Besides getting a free ticket this year, we offer a huge discount for your ticket next year.

Great opportunity: If your company can pay for your flight and/or accommodation we will list it as a sponsor.

Obligations of selected speakers

  • You consent to and agree to respect our Code of Conduct.
  • You consent to publication of your photo, biography, talk description, any photos of you we make, recording of your talk (audio and video) and slides, by the organiser, on the conference website and other online services, for the purpose of conference promotion.
  • You agree to be available to perform a talk in the venue at latest on beginning of the first conference day for the duration of the conference. You understand that the schedule published on the website isn't final and that we may make last-minute schedule changes.
  • It is very desirable that you plan your travel to Barcelona at least a day before the first conference day and attend the speakers dinner (it’s on us!). It’s not required, but you’ll miss loads of fun & opportunity to connect with other speakers if you pass.

Additionally, you explicitly agree to deliver:

  • 01.04.2020: Share the full talk content with us (notes are fine, no slides required)
  • 01.05.2020: Share the full talk slides with us (draft is fine)
  • 01.06.2020: Record a dry-run of your presentation (recording yourself with QuickTime works fine) and share it with us
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